Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well here we go.


If you are reading this you PROBABLY know who I am. And chances are you MAY know who Marshall is as well. But for those of you who don't, or for some strange reason maybe were googling the words 'groove train' and just found this blog, we'll show you a picture.

Marshall and I are about to embark on a adventure around Europe. We'll be gone for about 5 weeks. This blog will be used to keep all of you updated during that period.
I'll post sometimes. He'll post sometimes. We'll high-five each other afterwards regardless.

Our route will roughly be as follows:


We're expecting to have some crazy/interesting/awkward/absolutely fascinating stories to tell, so make sure to tune in. If you want.

Oh, and we have one more member joining us (he'd kill me if I didn't give a proper introduction).

Meet Hamilton.

Hamilton is probably more excited about this trip than both Marshall and I combined. He told me yesterday he's been dreaming about European women for weeks. I told him fat chance.

Anyways, time to go to bed. We leave for the airport at 10:30 in the AM. You'll be hearing from us again soon.




  1. I love this already! Off you go boys! I can't wait to read of your adventures.

    PS. I love the background of choice, you WILL BE THERE

  2. I LOVE THIS! Chels just showed me. I can't wait to read EVERYTHING. LOVE all three of you!

  3. okay i am definitely far behind on this reading of your blog thing, but in my defense i was in florida for three weeks and didn't have a computer! love you andy!